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Q:    How long should my water heater last before needing to change it out?


A:    Excellent Question! Each water heater comes with its own warranty. Some can be 6 years, 10 years or even 12 years, and are standard conventional water heaters. There is no firm answer to when it needs to be changed out. Most people wait till they do not have hot water or they see water coming out of the pipe outside the home. I suggest a yearly check up on the tank by us.


Q:    My water bill is getting larger every month. I do not see water anywhere, what could it be?


A:    We hear this question a lot. Leaks can come from multiple areas and not show themselves. This is a frustrating problem. You could have a toilet running or a line leaking below the slab. There many variables but easy for “The Drain Surgeons” to locate and repair.


Q:    Why should I use your company verse others that are out there doing the same thing?


A:    It is simple, because WE CARE, you are not just another number to us. We feel the same things all our customers do because we are homeowners and business owners too. We have built this business providing professional plumbing and drain services based on how we want to be treated. Trained, drug free, licensed, bonded, professional and optimistic staff will meet all your plumbing and drain needs. Other companies talk the talk but we walk the walk!




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